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    Anti Virus ProgramsIf your computer is connected to internet, it’s always vulnerable to virus attack. Moreover viruses also come from the removable devices that you are constantly using on your PC. Virus invasion is one of the most significant reasons behind computer crash. No wonder why experts always suggest taking to a good anti virus program for every computer. The good news is that there are some really great anti virus programs out there that are available completely free of cost.

    Panda 2015 Free Antivirus

    This is one among the best in market when it comes to free anti virus programs and has been endowed with rave expert reviews- as well as high customer ratings. The program has come up with flying colors both in the hands-on tests & independent lab reviews. It’s a user-friendly program which does not demand advanced computing skills from the users. Another good bit about the Panda tool is that it follows an extremely speedy installation procedure. In regards to malware blocking, the tool has pleased its users with near-perfect score. The product is based on Panda’s edgy cloud scanning technology.

    AVG 2014 AntiVirus

    This is another great deal when one is scanning for best possible free of cost antivirus support in the contemporary tech market. The product has successfully proved to be an impeccable guard against malware invasions on clean computer systems. You are guaranteed of a very efficient malware cleanup here. The Toolbar extends secure search, Facebook view, Do Not Track & view. The program also contains a secure deletion assistance for file shredding. Yes, you might find it tad tough to get the system installed in your computer- but once it’s done you can be assured comprehensive malware block.

    Bitdefender 2014 Antivirus

    Bitdefender Antivirus 2014 is programmed to operate in background while you are doing your work on the computer. It follows an unobtrusive approach which has been which has quite impressed its users. There is no configuration setup needed here and hence you can be assured of a user-friendly operation. The program has come up with great results in expert malware blocking & removal tests. Besides, independent lab reviews have also been really positive about the Bitdefender 2014 Antivirus. The program promises optimum phishing protection. It’s little window & unobtrusive style make it an ideal choice when somebody is in quest of a silent & strong antivirus solution for free.

    Malwarebytes 2.0 Anti-Malware

    The Malwarebytes 2.0 Anti-Malware is one of the most recommended solutions when somebody is on the lookout of best possible antivirus solution free of charge. The program installs & scans in the Safe Mode. It should be mentioned here that when other forms of antivirus tools fail to perform, the tech support people take to this Malwarebytes 2.0 Anti-Malware- hence you can estimate the impeccable cleanup performance from the program.

    Norton Power Eraser

    Norton Power Eraser is one of the most trusted names in the free anti virus market -and it’s especially preferred given its edgy ability to remove threats which might be missed by standard antivirus programs. It is able to roll back the changes.

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    Top 5 Free Online Photo Editing Tools

    Posted In: Technology by cooldude

    Online Photo Editing ToolsThe trendy cameras assure easy digital photography and you are guaranteed of crispy clear images even with the basic models. But then your beautiful photos can still encounter typical issues with white-balance, lighting, red eye & so on. Moreover, there can be the problem of unwanted objects in the photo or shadowy lines. Well, whatever it is, a photo image editor is a must have if you ant to ensure the best of shots. Now, there are the paid software for professional photo editing but if you are not looking for something that high-end, there are some great online photo editing tools available for free download.

    1. GIMP

    The acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP was first released in the year 1996 & is regularly updated as per the changing trends and demands. The photo editing software is regarded one of the best in market with its versatile range of correction tools. You will find tools for color correction, contrast enhancement, brightness adjustment, image blurring or sharpening, red eye removal, fixing perspective problems & many more. You will also have tools to add on special illumination effects, create animation & turn photos into oil paintings.

    2. Paint.NET

    This is another highly regarded free online photo editing tools around. The tool is designed with all the basic needs you will require in image editing like photo rotation, photo resizing, different photo selection choices & paint assistance. Moreover, you will also get aides offering impeccable special effects. The tool comes with support for the layers which signifies that you will be able to apply the edits to the image in parts- however, you can apply plugins for further extension of the program. The best part about the program is that it arrives with an extremely user-friendly interface.

    3. Photo Pos Pro

    The photo editing software might not look apparently impressive with its dated interface and tiny toolbars but you will be surely pleased as you begin to explore the functions of the software. The software greets you with several selection options, versatile paint tools, great deal of aides for color correction & more. The user here will get sufficient support for masks and layers, extremely configurable effects as well as the scripting tool that assists in automating several editing tasks. Finally, you will love the fun touches of the program such as stardust, bubbles, fireworks etc.

    4. PhoXo

    It has been doing the rounds for a decade now and is often regarded as a top favorite for editing. Almost everybody can use it, be it you or your kids. The little ones would love to play with PhoXo’s clipart and would be able to customize pictures with the cartoon cats. You will like to work with the varied functional tools for drawing, painting, image transformation, special effects etc.

    5. IrfanView

    IrfanView comes with tools for ample editing functions like image rotation, image resizing, color tweaking, adjustment of contrast or brightness & so on. Moreover, the software can help in adding watermark or texts, photo sharpening, red-eye removal and application of various special effects.

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    Advantages Of Online Backup Services

    Posted In: Technology by cooldude

    Online Backup ServicesIncreasing information shared via the computers leads to a huge bulk of data stored in your computer. Data backup is increasingly becoming popular with each passing day. Not only for home but also for business purpose the data has to be stored and online backup services are a great option. It is an unconventional way of saving data rather than the conventional form of offline storage of data. The benefits of online backup services are as follows:

    • The process is automatic – with online backup service automatic update occurs on its own with the required settings. Most of the services give a schedule that allows automatic update. In the normal offline backup the users have to manually update the folders, files and other services which is tedious and that is the reason why users shift to online backup.

    • The offsite location is important - a server which is secure and has a remote location is always better than storing all your data in one single place that too in hard drive. But if some calamity happens and your computer is in no shape to function then the data that you stored so painfully in your hard drive becomes useless.

    • Redundancy in multiple locations – as many copies of data in as many locations of online service can be stored easily. In different servers of two types the data can be stored in many copies. This is significant as the security level increases and you no longer have to worry about your data getting lost.

    • The level of security is high - external drives and unsecure modes leaves the business work with tax calculation files and your sensitive and personal data in a mess since if the device is lost or stolen not only is your data irretrievable but also a danger of your personal security.

    • Simple and easy to use -
    the interfaces are intuitive which simplifies the data and with support of the technical variations in the online backup it is easily stored. It is also easy to find the stored data. It is an effective way of storing all the documents.

    Online backup storage comes with a price as most of the services ask for a certain price which you have to pay for the files. The storage capacity in online backup service varies. Groups who should use online backup services are- users who have average storage in their PC, students who keep their notes stored and owners of small business enterprise who keep all their data stored offline.

    The question of security hovers around in online backup services too. You should know what is happening to your data in the online services. Hence, encryption of the three layers is important to keep the data secured. If you want your files to remain your files only safety is what is looked at on all aspects especially, if the working is new to you and are not aware of the additional features and the working.

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    WAP Or Wireless Application Protocol

    Posted In: Technology by cooldude

    Wireless Application ProtocolIn these days of mobile era, the most talked about subject is WAP. Wireless Application protocol is a channel with the help of which people can reach out to the information in their wireless gadgets such as the mobile, smart phones and pagers. It was planned by the wireless companies to allow internet to be accessible on the mobile phones. It is a protocol that allows generating web applications for the cellular phones. Most wireless networks that are supported by WAP are CDMA, PHS, TDMA, GSM, ReFLEX, Mobitex and iDEN. It also ropes WML Script which is more or less like Java script. It makes the least demand on the memory of the computer. It is free from the necessary proceedings that are found in the other languages.

    As WAP is supported by maximum number of varied mobile devices so it makes the use of a micro browser according to the size of the phone. It works in exactly the same manner as the web browser. But there are certain constraints such as the limited memory due to the small size of the mobile phones. But it is very useful as most of the working class in today’s world is always travelling while doing their work and so it becomes extremely important to get the required resources at the right time and to stay connected. Latest news, weather conditions, ticket bookings, checking the game scores, accessing emails etc. everything can be done on your mobile phones.

    The disadvantage of WAP phones is that it does not allow the exact visual experience as it would on the computer or the laptop. In spite of this, it is regarded as helpful because it keeps you connected to various people when you are travelling. Earlier, the companies such as Nokia, Motorola, and Sony were trying to create independent standards but then they decided to set up a typical tool that would provide the internet facilities. WAP is on with its improvement and the prominent websites are trying to make more and more contents available for the cellular phones. It is so that today almost all kinds of cell phones support WAP.

    Many companies are now providing email access without any charge. Mobile email id can be made directly from WAP. This will facilitate in sending, receiving, composing and deleting of messages very easy. Access to social networking websites is enhanced and you can stay connected to people.

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    Top 3 Health Gadgets of 2014

    Posted In: Gadgets by cooldude

    Health Gadgets of 2014The proverb “health is wealth” is still considered to be true and that is why every year there are several health gadgets which are brought to the market so that people can see and buy them. In 2014 also there would be such gadgets. Here are the top 3 gadgets which will be released this year:

    • Sony Core and SmartBand- Sony has recently ventured into manufacturing fitness trackers and this year they will be releasing a waterproof SmartBand. Apart from the fact that it is a fitness tracker it can also be linked to tablets and Android phones via Lifelog app. The band would help to track the physical activity of a person which would include the calories burned, the type of activity which a person is involved in such as driving, cycling, jogging or walking and also the distance covered on a daily basis. The price of this device is yet to be announced. The release date will be in February but the exact date has not been declared.
    • Wellshell- this is basically an exercise tracker but you will be able to use it as an isometric exercise gadget also. With this device a user will have the opportunity to burn calories in 50 different movements. Suppose if you are kneeling down and you keep the device under your knees and with that squeeze you will be able to lose calories. It will also help to track the pressure of a person. The exact release date is yet to be known but the price will be $300.
    • Tinke- this device will track the respiratory rate, heart rate and also the oxygen level in the blood. You will only have to hold your finger tip to the Tinke sensor for just 30 seconds and it will detect all the above mentioned rates. The device has already been released and the price is $119.
    • LG’s heart rate earphones- they have a specific sensor in the ear buds which would help to measure the blood flow in the external part of the year. With this device you will be able to will be able to get an update on your oxygen consumption and heart rate via Bluetooth. It offers a twist and lock designs and the headgears are washable. The device will be released in the latter part of this year and will cost $180.

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    What Are Digital Agencies?

    Posted In: Technology by cooldude

    Digital AgenciesIn this new world of modern business and technology it is a very common phenomenon to go to the digitalised world to publish your products. Nowadays to sell your product publishing those of the normal medium like the newspaper, the radio, the television and magazines is not enough since most people have shifted to new media like computers, internet and an amazing collection of Smartphones which have so many apps the need for the older previous mediums is not felt. Digital agencies deal with the advertisement of the particular business or firm by publishing it on the internet through mobile phones and computers. To approach a digital a number of things have to be kept in mind:

    Firstly the names which you have heard of and want to work with should be shortlisted after which the selection of the best one (according to you) is done. Do a background check on the agencies you would like to work with, enquire about the rate and time at which they work and the kind of audience which is going to be exposed to this advertisement. Make sure the digital agency you have chosen have an online website portal of their own because there are a large number of these agencies which are fraud and cheat the person in question. If you have been lucky and have chose a good reputed digital agencies here are the things you will notice about them:

    Best technology- agencies that are good and have built a reputation of their own possess the best technology. Even online there is a lot of competition and having the best technology provides a guard against being beaten by someone else.

    Best team of professionals: if they are a registered and good company they will have their own team of professionals, a portfolio of their previous works and a relationships manager.

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    Wireless Printers: Merits And Demerits

    Posted In: Wireless by cooldude

    Wireless PrintersTechnological advancements are always taking place that also at a tremendous pace. We are continuously witnessing the introduction of different kinds of mobile phones, computers, gadgets, computer and mobile accessories etc. A recent innovation that is becoming popular among the computer users is the wireless printer. Here are certain merits and demerits of wireless printers.

    Merits: As the name suggest, the wireless printers do not have wires. This in turn means that you will not have think about protecting the wires of the printers. Once you buy a wireless printer you can install it in any place and the area surrounding your computer will also look more organized. The interesting thing about the wireless printers is that it can be utilized by one or more computers. You will not have to buy ten printers for ten computers separately. Thus your electricity and money will also be saved. Another merit of wireless printers is that other gadgets such as cameras and mobile phones can also access them and you will not have to save pictures from these gadgets to your computer to get them printed. Offices and computer labs in coaching centers or schools can be the perfect places in which the wireless printers can be utilized.

    Demerits: The working of a wireless printer is very similar to a wireless router. Just as the working of the router can be interrupted in a number of ways, the working of the wireless printer can be disrupted as well. Your document might take lots of time to reach the printer and get printed. Wireless printers lack security. If there is any similar wireless printer in the area where you are living or working, your confidential files might get sent to that wireless printer instead of your wireless printer. These printers cannot be easily afforded by everyone.

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    Finding the right anti-virus software

    Posted In: Technology by cooldude

    anti-virus softwareHere we discourses about how can detect right anti-virus software. A quick way to check your computer for viruses is to use Windows supporter. This malware security is included with Windows and helps identify and take out viruses, spyware and additional malicious software. If you use Windows eight, you can run a test or antimalware software provided by another company if you prefer. To keep your computer running properly, you should install and run only one application at the same time antimalware.

    In examining options, choose the type of test to run:

    The quick scan checks only the area’s most likely team that malicious software and infect running applications. The entire test checks all files on the hard disk. Depending on your system, this test could last more than an hour. The test locations uniquely personalized checks and files you choose. Press or click Browse now. Sometimes virus must be eliminated manually. This can become a technical procedure that should merely be attempted. If you are recognizable with the Windows registry and know how to view and delete the program files and Windows system.

    You should get many free anti-viruses online. You should be careful about this matter. Many free anti- virus software not doing well. You should check review before purchasing anti-virus online. First, run the antimalware application to identify the virus by name. If you have no antimalware application or if the application does not detect the virus could identify him by looking for clues about how it behaves. Write the words of the messages that are displayed or, if you received the email virus, type the subject line or the attachment name to the message. Then browse the website of an antivirus vendor references about what you wrote and try to find the name of the virus and instructions on how to remove it.

    After removing the virus, you may have to reinstall some software, or restore lost information. Make regular backups of the files can prevent data loss if your computer becomes infected. If in the past did not backup, is a good idea to start now. For more information, see Restore files or folders history files.

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    web designAre you planning to launch up a site online? Well, after you are done with the web hosting space, site designing is the next thing to check out for. Many website owners prefer to opt for DIY site designing but it’s tough to achieve best of results if you are against professional help. Yes, professional designing services will definitely cost you but the advantages gained are always worth the price paid. The article here is a brief highlighting on the benefits of taking to a professional web design service.

    First of all, you should understand that web designing is a complex matter. Your website is the first thing that would be seen by your visitors and hence it should be appealing enough. Now, a pleasing website design requires extensive knowledge and understanding of your target’s demands which is not possible to fathom and perfectly implement for a layman. The designers, being professionals, are well abreast on the right ways to come up with a pulling website designing- offering their seasoned touch right from the content to the images to the infographics.

    A successful website must thoroughly abide by the rules and regulations set by Google so that it’s acknowledged by the esteemed search engine. Now, Google keeps on changing its algorithms frequently and only a professional designer is aware of those altering market trends. Being a layman it’s not always possible for you to stay updated on Google’s latest rules and regulations which can beget a negative impact on your website if you are planning to do it all by yourself.

    Finally, if you are signing up with a good professional web designing company you don’t have to worry about re-designing and website maintenance. The professional designers themselves extend expert help in redesigning websites whenever there is any change in Google algorithm.

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    Handy gadgets for delivery drivers

    Posted In: Gadgets by cooldude

    gadgets for driversDelivery drivers are those people who are responsible for delivering things (usually cargo) from the source location to the location he was assigned. These drivers take their job very seriously and are very hard working too. This kind of work is enjoyed by bachelors or usually poor men work for money. For this purpose they have to live away from their family, relatives and friends for long periods of time in order to continue with their delivering job. Their work involves a lot of danger as they ride huge lorries which carry a lot of heavy load and their work also calls for riding through dangerous roads. They have to work Inspite of the dull and boring life. But now thankfully technology has reached such a stage where these lorry drivers can add a tinge of fun in their everyday lives too by the use of some gadgets which are listed below. These gadgets come handy and give a break to their mundane and monotonous lives.

    Dual band wireless

    This device is very useful for them when the driver passes through some places where there is no network tower in the location.

    Bluetooth headset

    Lorry drivers need to make and receive quite many few calls. Some from their bosses to keep them updated some from their family and friends or any other important messages that way. It is thus not possible for the lorry drivers to stop every time they need to receive a phone call. This is when the Bluetooth device comes to their rescue.

    GPS navigation device

    Since the lorry drivers are always on the road and always on the move it is quite obvious why a navigation device might come in handy for him. In case of loss of location or any wrong turn taken, this device helps them make up for the mistake they made.

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