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    Television is not just a commodity; it is a very important member of your family. With the advancement of technology, a variety of televisions are coming up everyday.

    There is a tough competition going on between the LCD and the Plasma TV right now. LCD or Liquid Crystal Display screen maneuvers the liquid crystals to view the pictures. LCD TVs has a longer lifeline than the Plasma and generate less amount of heat. But the main problem with LCD screen is their cost and inability to deal with destroyed pixels. You will see a black spot at the place where a pixel will die.

    The Plasma TVs give a more attractive picture quality due to the use of two noble gases, xenon and neon. The pictures of dark or night scenes appear more appealing on Plasma TVs. Though they are not long lasting, but their price gives them an edge over the LCD TVs. So, make the right decision and go for the one that satisfies all your needs.

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    Pioneer PRO 111 FD plasma TV

    Posted In: LCD & Plasma by admin

    The pioneer PRO 111 FD plasma TV is a product from the Pioneer Company and it had revolutionized the plasma TV world. The ninth generation plasma TVs have been released in the market this year. The pioneer PRO 111 FD has many wonderful features as reviewed by the owners and the consumers alike. The pioneer plasma TV has a fairly large piano black bezels and is much slimmer.

    The parameters are automatically adjusted by the optimum mode in the plasma television based on the image content and light conditions. The user can also see the display at the bottom of the screen which reveals the parameters and measurement settings. The only key feature is the home media gallery which allows the user to access the files from the other networked services like the USB, DLNA etc. There are many features like the 3D picture support, picture in picture and closed captioning. The pioneer PRO 111 FD plasma TV is a pure and powerful television.

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