Advantages and Disadvantages of Printers

PrinterMany of the business entrepreneurs treat printers as their necessity. It’s not possible to get documents in a usable format instantly without printers. With increase in the technology, the use of paper has decreased. You can send your data electronically throughout the world. But still having a piece of paper for your data has its own advantages. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having printers.

Advantages of printers

  • Convenience

One of the main advantages of having a printer and printing out material is its convenience. If you want to make any notes on it and if you want to mark something then it is easy to do on the printed notes. The printed documents are very light and if folded they are can be easily and comfortably carried than a tablet or notebook computer. They can also be easily replaced so if you lose or get them wet then also it’s not a major concern.

  • Secure delivery

Paper records can be easily delivered. Electronically sending any document creates a chain which shows who send it? At what time they are sent? It is sent to whom? If you are having a printed document and you deliver it to someone this much long record is not there. It is very useful if you want to send information without someone having knowledge of it or without having any record that you send it.

  • Ease of reading

There are several people who find ease in reading out a printed document. The text which is printed on a printed document is of 20 12 size which is even sharper than the sharpest display. Whereas the display of iPad 3s is gives a text with 264 dots per inch. The printers which are inexpensive can also give an output of 600 dots per inch. Most of the computers and tablets are glossy and backlit. This can make it prone to washing out in the sunlight and glare. Whereas printed page is easy to read in any situations except darkness.

Disadvantages of printers

  • Cost

There are number of factors which determine what it costs to print a document but the most simple and common factor of measuring cost is the money. Printing cost include the cost of toner or ink, the cost of paper and the cost of the printer itself. If you want to do color printing it is even more expensive. Whereas, on the other hand electronic documents has to spend nothing on it for creating or sending.

  • Environmental concerns

Printers lead to cutting of trees. If there is a small office which constitutes 10 to 15 employees then it will need paper which cuts on an average 18 trees per year to fulfill their paper needs. Toner and ink are prepared with chemicals which lead to environmental damage. The delivery of toner and ink to the office generates carbon and the garbage also gets hauled. It also electricity to run again causing damage to the environment.