Types of Security Cameras

security camerasNow days you can observe that the ratio of getting the security cameras to be installed in your office place or the home has increased with all its speed. People have starting been more secured than before time. Seeing the criteria, the manufacturing and many different types of security cameras have been established in the market for the user so that they can install those cameras in their place and get secured.

Proper selection of security cameras is important according to the situation and the place where it is going to be installed. This article can be your guidelines of selecting and opting for the proper cameras with all the specifications which you are in need of. The further discussion is as under.

Types of Security Cameras

  • Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are mostly designed to be installed in the interiors of the house or the office and not the exteriors. Because the design of the camera is not of doing zoom or for long range capturing but it is only carried on to a specified area. It can capture only those things where it is installed. Well its name is a bit different because of its structure. It shapes like cylindrical with a shape like bullet. It can capture images rather than capturing the videos of the particular area.


  • Dome Cameras

Another name through which it is more recognized is the speed dome. They are more working and efficient as compared to the bullet cameras. Well if you ask for my advise than, dome cameras can be installed in your working place or the home entrance because it covers a large range of area and have the speedy pick up of grabbing the videos around. The name dome camera is more suitable to this type of camera because it has the shape like a dome and the camera is place just in the middle of the dome, you can feel like it is being secured in the middle of the device.


  • Discreet Cameras

Well, not only the specialized cameras like bullet or the dome one but there are covert cameras which are available in the market by the manufacturers. These cameras are placed behind the face of the clock. These cameras can be placed behind anything like the clock or the wall painting, etc. with the help of this cameras you can access to any secret plan which you want to exercise. They are also called as the covert cameras which can be easily accessed in the market.


  • Day\Night Cameras

The day\night cameras are mostly installed in the outdoors of the home or the office because it helps the atmosphere to be maintained and can easily capture the clear images whether it is day or night. For example, it is placed and installed in the parking region for covering the images of the functions going on in the area whether it is day or the night.


  • Outdoor Cameras

These cameras are specially designed for the outdoor purposes. They are preserved from dust, water, insect or any other matters. Outdoor cameras are just designed to be installed in the exteriors of the home or the office.