How to use a Fax Machine

fax machineFax machine! Well this word is very old and the ancient thing in the field of technology. The invention of fax machine proved the humans intelligence and their up gradation to adopt new and different things which can increase the speed of work of the people. Fax machines are very much helpful for the people who are in the routine need of the equipment. Well, everyone knows that it is one of the oldest technologies but it is still has prevailed its grounds in the market of technology.

No doubt that it is old but it supplies with way far advantages which can be more helpful for the people using it in their daily routine. It is considered to be the fasted technology to transfer the data or the document from one place to another. You might find confusing to operate it but after understanding it properly, it is very easy and simple to work on the fax machine. This article will give you the clear idea about the steps which are required at the time of operating the fax machine by the user.


  • Firstly at the time of operating it, check that the fax machine is properly plugged it and is in a working condition. This will help to ascertain the exact situation of the operating of fax machine. It is advisable to check the telephone cord is properly connected and plugged in with the phone jack.
  • After checking the functioning of the fax machine, it is the time to insert the document which you want to send to the other person. With the help of the contact number of the other person, you can send the document easily to another person without going there and serving the document in his hands. Fax machines are considered to be the time saver technology which is been invented by the humans.
  • Now, insert the document in the fax tray and dial up the number of the person to whom you want to send the document. Well if you want to send the document outside the line than you need to press a specific number which is punched on the fax machine and then you can send it easily. The area or the country code is necessary to be punched in the fax machine at the time of sending the document to the person.
  • After doing these things, at the time when you want to send the document, you will have to wait for the next person to answer the call and after that you will hear a computer voice will appear and confirm the transaction. After completing the process when you will press start button, the fax machine will automatically send the document to the required person to whom you want to send the document.
  • You must take some points into consideration at the time of operating the fax machine that there must be more of the pages inserted at the fax tray so that the documents can easily travelled and complied with the work of getting the required document.