Tips for making your Smart Phone Work its Best

Smart PhoneYou have plenty of data stored in your smart phone and you don’t want your smart phone to stop or decrease its efficiency. There are many factors which affects your phone and they need to be taken care of. Like if you download lots of data at a time it will slow down your smart phone over a period of time. The battery also affects the performance of your smart phone after it gets old and needs a replacement. After you lose its efficiency you opt for factory reset which clears all your data, memory management software, delete unwanted media and programs to gain efficiency of your phone. Here are some of the tips which can enhance and protect the efficiency of your smart phone and keep its working to its best level.

  • Keep your phone fully charged

There is a great difference and you will also observe this difference that the working of your phone is best when it is charged fully. Take out time for your phone and keep it in charge at the end of the day to observe its increased efficiency. Try that you can plug in your phone to charger before it totally runs out of power. If it totally runs out of power then its efficiency of holding charge for long period of time decreases and thus its performance is also affected. Most of the batteries of phone last for three to five years if proper care is taken. You also be careful that when there is extreme temperature you should avoid using your smart phone.

  • Close unused apps and processes

Your smart phones are not same as your PC or laptops as they don’t have the same processing power. Thus, your smart get slower when many of the apps are used at the same time. Thus if apps which are not using are open they should close it down to maintain the speed of your phone. You can use background task killer software; it helps you to stop useless apps in your phone. This app is easy to download and it can be used whenever you want.

  • Use factory reset

When your smart phone really gets clogged up and you really feel a lot of trouble using it then it’s the time for                 system restore. This must be used as the last resort. When you tried every other thing and you don’t get any output then you should go for factory reset. Applying a factory reset will delete all your saved data and files of your phone and thus if you don’t have any back up you might lose much of your necessary data and information.

  • Clear browsing cache

You surf a lot with your smart phone. Surfing on internet for a long period of time can cause built up of lots of data in your phone and it hinders up your memory. In this case you need to clear the cache of your browsing data. It will make space in your phone and remove unnecessary extra data.