How to Take care of Your Motherboard

MotherboardIf you are looking for the best computing result then motherboard is the very essential component of the computer which are to be taken care of. It can be considered as the heart of the whole computing system. Motherboard is such a part of the computer which is neglected very much. While talking about the maintenance people always focus on the software and hardware like motherboard is not taken into account. If you want the best result from your computer, you must take proper care of your computer. Hera is some of the important tips which will help you in taking care of your computer.

  • Sweep the dust off your motherboard

Dust is very harmful for the computer. The dust which builds up on the exterior goes inside and that is carried away by the fan which is used to cool down the internal parts of the computer. This dust is harmful as it picks up the moisture and there is chance of short circuit in the sensitive parts and they get damaged. There is chance of fan getting clogged with dust and dirt and it can cause friction at the sides of the housing. If proper attention is not paid then the fan stops working and the internal parts of the computer gets heated and it will crash when it reaches extremely high temperature. Thus use a soft paint brush and clean your motherboard. Make sure you don’t brush too hard on the sensitive parts and do this in an ventilated place to let the dust go out.

  • Check for swelling, busted or leaking capacitors

When you see the capacitors to be expanded or you see any kind of swelling in it then this is a warning sign for you. It is an alarm alarming you that failure of motherboard can happen at anytime soon. Don’t leave them unattended. This defect will lead to increase in the temperature and as a result your computer will be having a force stop and your work will be hindered. Replace the capacitors as soon as possible with the capacitor of the same rating or else it might be the time for replacing your old motherboard with the new one.

  • Check your fan is still working to prevent your computer from heating up

Check the fan by very carefully flicking onto it for your operations going smooth. If your fans are not working properly then you will hear         a whirring sound in it. If there is any fan which is not working you should replace it with the new one. You can buy separate fan from any computer hardware store and fix it up in your computer. You should mark the specification and note down or else you should take the defective fan to the store to get the new one of the same features. If a fan of non working video card is placed then it will tend to damage the video card. So make your computer has the working fan to prevent the heat building and motherboard protection.