Best Photo editing Apps for your Phone

photo editing appPhotos! We use this word for many times in our routine life. Whether it is for the professional use or for the fun time, entertainment, etc photos are taken the prime consideration. In all the circumstances we are describing our photos like if we had gone on a trip with our family we take photos from the cameras, if we are working on something and the clients want the photos of our work, we capture photos, etc are some of incidence where we use the word photos.

And especially for girls, photos and cameras are the prime thing which they never forget to capture. The trend of photos and its editing has increased on a large scale. Firstly the use of professional cameras where only observed, but now who take special cameras in their trip but they directly capture their photos in the cameras which are present in their phones. These photos are further edited by the user of the phone.

There are different photo editing applications are launched in the market for the user, so that they can get many of the options to be selected amongst large number of applications. The list of best photo editing apps which is perfect or more suitable for your phone is discussed further.

Best Photo Editing Apps

  • PhotoDirector: The Ultimate

Amongst all the photo editing apps, the PhotoDirector app is the best which can be functioned and operated and can be installed in your phone for editing your pictures. Obviously, you will focus on such app which can give you the perfect result of the way you want your photo to be. And trust me; this app will prove me right. Not only is the function of editing but there certain other functions like it quickly add overlays to the images, creates creative effects and styles to your photos, etc. This app is free on the google play.


  • Adobe Lightroom Mobile: The Heavyweight

If you are seriously into using a perfect photo editor of your images than Adobe Lightroom Mobile is the best app which can be installed in your phone. This app is considered to be the best image manipulator and gives best effects to your photos. Adobe lightroom mobile is the best packed tool app which is served with many functions which can be exercised by the user by installing it in your phone.


  • Photo Editor by Lidow: The fast and fun

Another photo editing app which can be best used by the user for editing their photos is Photo editor by Lidow. This app is very simple and easy to use. As the name is specified it is very fun loving app which can be entertained by the user at the time of editing your photos. There is no need of get into the trouble of settings, filters, etc but it works more simply than expected. You can place your image in the photo editor and then find interesting things which can be done with your photos. After editing the photos you can save the image directly to your camera roll or the gallery where other images are saved and stored.

Apps to Secure your Android Phones

antivirus for android phonesProtection of your android phones have now days became more important because many thefts and malware functions have grown their roots over a time and it is better advisable to secure your phone from getting damaged. Well, many people think that securing their android phone is mandate? But if you will ask me than yes, securing your phone is mandate in today’s time. And with the help of the intelligence of people in the field of technology and its more relevant study, there are many options with the users to protect their android phones from getting damaged.

By installing the antivirus in their phones, the phones get safer and protected from the outer apps which are the containers of virus and due to that, your phone can get slower in its functioning and started getting hanged, and many more things which can affect the phone, if it is not well protected by the user.

There are different apps which can be helpful for the user to secure their android phones from getting damaged. Further discussion on the antivirus applications which can be installed in your phones will give you the clear idea of what are the features which can be proven beneficial to the user while using it.

Antivirus Applications

  • 360 Security (Google Play)

This application is designed by the representative of china. Consisting the virtually flawless detection of virus up to 99.99 percentages. Its design is build up in such a manner that it is considered to be the highest testing application amongst all. The functioning of this app is of screening and identifying the threat and infection in the android phones. It safeguards the phone from malware functions, spyware, threat, etc. It guarantees with complete security options in the installing the app.


  • Avast! Mobile Security (Google Play)

Another app which can protect your android phones from getting damaged is the Avast! Mobile security app. It has the vast range of tools which can help in protecting your phones. It is the free app which can be easily installed from the google play in your android phones. This app helps in scanning your phones from getting infected. You can operate many tools in the app and the core benefit which you can exercise and use for the optimist is the anti theft component. If you have lost your phone than this app will help you to locate your phone and scan for its location, siren locks, etc.


  • ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus (Google Play)

Well if you want to go for the best app which can provide you with more of its tools and the functions than you can definitely install the ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus app. The basic app can be easily downloaded free from the google play in your android phones. The free version which is available for the user has also the facility of anti theft component which saves your phone from getting infected. The person installing this app can easily remote or lock their phones if they get theft or infected.