Ways of Cleaning your Camera Lens

Cleaning your Camera Lens by yourself
Process of Cleaning your camera lens

Being a photographer or not, it is considered to be important for taking proper care of your camera lens so that it can help you in providing with one of the best result which you are in need of while clicking your pictures through your cameras. Cleaning your camera lens is considered to be the duty of the person using it because it will help you in getting the clear view of the pictures which you want to click for. well, there are many things which you need to take in to account while going for selecting your camera like the range of the lens which the camera provides with, its budget, pricing, etc. and many more of the things but only that things are not important but you need to also comply with the process of cleaning your camera lens in such a way that it provides you with one of the best result which you actually need for.

This article will help you in getting all the information which you are in need of while going for the process of cleaning your camera lens. It is not considered to be a compulsion of giving your camera to clean it outside somewhere; rather you can go for cleaning your camera lens at your home with certainly the required tools which are considered to be easily available in the market. Well, there are many tips which can assist you in the matters of going for cleaning your camera lens like you must go for having the simple tools which are used for cleaning, have a light hand while cleaning your camera lens, etc. and many more of such factors which are considered to be important which can help you in going for cleaning your camera lens at your home.

The first thing which you must go for at the time of cleaning your camera lens is to go for its cleaning tool which is easily available in the market. Yes, but it is more advisable to take in to account the simple tools because for this process you need to be precautious so that the lens which are installed in your camera does not gets torn up. Don’t be in a haze to go for cleaning your camera lens. Many times we notice that just because of such situation there come the criteria that the lens which you are going for cleaning gets torn and this results in increasing the amount or your expenditure. Not only that, you can also go for using a brush to go for removing the dust from the lens, this will help you in cleaning your lens in a better manner.



Types of Camera Lenses

The capture the moment which we think is the best amongst all, we need camera right? Not only are that but there many different types of cameras which you can got for like the DSLR camera, compact cameras, etc. which you can go for when you want to buy any camera. But capturing a perfect picture without getting any blur effects or the image gets pixel is not the thing which you want right. For this thing you will need different types of camera lenses which are available in the market. Yes, there are many different types of camera lenses which you can go for when you are at the edge of getting the perfect snap for your picture.

The further discussed information will help you in getting all the details of types of camera lenses which you can go for at the time of buying new cameras for you.  For instance let me help you out with of the examples which you can go for at the time of knowing about types of camera lenses for you like wide angle lenses, standard lenses, portrait lenses, etc. and many more of such type of camera lenses which can help you at the time of buying for cameras.

Types of camera lenses

  • Wide angle lenses

Wide angle lensesWell, if you will ask me than wide angle lenses are considered to be amongst the most used type of lenses by the photographers. Traditionally it comprised of wide angle length of 20mm but now as the concept has been upgraded it has been changed and hence the acceptance of DSLR cameras have ranged it from 8mm to 24mm which is considered to be something new in it. Normally the use of wide angle lenses is meant for capturing more or large group of people which can help the photographer in capturing the perfect image.

  • Standard lenses

Standard lensesAnother main and important part of lenses which you can go for is the standard lenses which are available in the market. The normal range of length of this lens is from 35mm to 50mm. and if you will ask about the fixed one that it is 50mm in length. These types of lenses are considered to be somewhat costly which not that much affordable for people. This type of camera lenses is used by those photographers who are working in the field of making documentary or street capturing whereby they need to be active enough for taking the prompt capturing for images and interesting point of acts.

  • Telephoto lenses

Telephoto lensesAs we are discussing about different types of cameras lenses which you can go for than how can we forget about the telephoto lenses which are present. Those lenses which ranged from 135mm to 150mm are considered to be telephoto lenses. Normally this type of camera lens is used in the sport or wildlife photography whereby the far away objects can be claimed to be closer. The main and the core function of this type of camera lens is to provide with the facility of far objects to be closer ones.

Tips To care For Your Memory Card

memory card for cameraThere are many things which are different from one digital camera to another. But one thing is common in all, all the digital cameras need memory card to store all images. There are also exceptions to it as there are few cameras which come with the huge internal memory. But if you are having a camera with memory you must take proper care of it and get the best result out of it. Here are some of the tips to care of your memory card.

  • If disaster happens-stop shooting

If there is any problem or disaster and if you accidently delete any of the images and if there is any card error message then you should immediately stop to use the memory card. If this situation arise then it is not necessary that you will lose the images and if lost you can still recover the images. The only thing you have to do at that moment is to stop using the card or it might happen that you overwrite other images of yours. Data recovery tools or services can help you to restore your images for you.

  • Delete images on your computer and not in your camera

Life of your card can be shortened if you are deleting the images from your card while your card is still in your camera. The rule says that lesser you remove the card longer will be the life of your card. If you delete all the images together after uploading them rather than deleting it one by one, it can prove to be more useful. It’s good to use erase cycle rather than using them again and again.

  • Remove the card safely when it is connected to your computer

After you complete the process of uploading the image to your computer make sure that the proper procedure for ejecting the card is followed. In case of OXS, this means that you have to right click the drive which is assigned to                 your card and then hit eject. In case of windows, you can use the option of safely remove hardware in your system tray for removing the card along with the card reader.

  • Using multiple card can be a better option than one

It can happen that you are on an important trip and your card fails. Having an another card in option can make you sure that your camera don’t stop. Another benefit is that if you lose the data on one card then you have the photos of that in the other card. Along with benefits, it also carries some drawbacks as you have to keep track on multiple cards. But it is advisable to rotate three cards at one shoot.

  • Reformat your cards periodically

It is advisable to reformat your card every now and again. This will clear out any data, file names and images on your card and set up as fresh for your camera. It s but obvious that you should do this only after you have taken a backup for them otherwise you will lose the data.

Reasons to go for a DSLR Camera

DSLR-CamerasThere are many reasons which can make you realize that you should shift to the DSLR cameras rather the using the normal or the general cameras. There are many different specifications which are provided with the DSLR cameras that are the biggest reason why people shift to use the DSLR cameras. Well if you want to know what are the biggest reasons, of why people are shifting to the DSLR camera, this article will help you to ascertain the reasons and the features which the DSLR cameras consist, which the general cameras do not have in.


  • The main and the foremost reason why you should go for the DSLR cameras is the image quality and the resolution which is arrived at by clicking pictures from the DSLR camera. Well, the quality of images which are captured from the general cameras are of not high quality but are minute and unsatisfactory, but the images which are captures from the DSLR cameras are more precise and of high quality.
  • You should go for DSLR cameras because they have the specification of changing the lenses which are installed in the cameras. There are more than one lens in the camera which make the image look more elegant and clear but in the general cameras, it consist only one lens which not satisfactory as compared to the DSLR cameras.
  • You did not need to see the situation or adjust the camera according to the angle, because DSLR cameras are designed in such a manner that from whichever angle you click the photo it is going to be good and clear. It has the highest adaptively as compared to the general cameras. Where as in general cameras you need to adjust first the location than the camera and capture the image but the issues regarding such stuffs are solved if you are going for the DSLR cameras.
  • The speed of capturing the images from the DSLR is pretty much more as compared to the general cameras. The speed of capturing the images, adjusting the lenses which are presented in the cameras, etc is very much prompt and speedy as compared to the general cameras.
  • If you are going for the DSLR camera than I must say you are not going to be disappointed because DSLR is good enough for capturing images from long range. You can easily operate the functions which are specified in the DSLR camera instruction. Just by adjusting or with the help of auto adjusting feature in the camera you can easily capture the images which are far away from the site and with probably the clear resolution.
  • Well if you are in future going to sell out the DSLR camera than mark my words you are going to get the nice amount of return after selling it. Its retaining value is high as compared to the general cameras. As it has more specifications and the feature than that of the normal cameras, at the time of selling it you will get more money as the resale value to you. According to my advice you can easily go for the DSLR cameras.


Types of Security Cameras

security camerasNow days you can observe that the ratio of getting the security cameras to be installed in your office place or the home has increased with all its speed. People have starting been more secured than before time. Seeing the criteria, the manufacturing and many different types of security cameras have been established in the market for the user so that they can install those cameras in their place and get secured.

Proper selection of security cameras is important according to the situation and the place where it is going to be installed. This article can be your guidelines of selecting and opting for the proper cameras with all the specifications which you are in need of. The further discussion is as under.

Types of Security Cameras

  • Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are mostly designed to be installed in the interiors of the house or the office and not the exteriors. Because the design of the camera is not of doing zoom or for long range capturing but it is only carried on to a specified area. It can capture only those things where it is installed. Well its name is a bit different because of its structure. It shapes like cylindrical with a shape like bullet. It can capture images rather than capturing the videos of the particular area.


  • Dome Cameras

Another name through which it is more recognized is the speed dome. They are more working and efficient as compared to the bullet cameras. Well if you ask for my advise than, dome cameras can be installed in your working place or the home entrance because it covers a large range of area and have the speedy pick up of grabbing the videos around. The name dome camera is more suitable to this type of camera because it has the shape like a dome and the camera is place just in the middle of the dome, you can feel like it is being secured in the middle of the device.


  • Discreet Cameras

Well, not only the specialized cameras like bullet or the dome one but there are covert cameras which are available in the market by the manufacturers. These cameras are placed behind the face of the clock. These cameras can be placed behind anything like the clock or the wall painting, etc. with the help of this cameras you can access to any secret plan which you want to exercise. They are also called as the covert cameras which can be easily accessed in the market.


  • Day\Night Cameras

The day\night cameras are mostly installed in the outdoors of the home or the office because it helps the atmosphere to be maintained and can easily capture the clear images whether it is day or night. For example, it is placed and installed in the parking region for covering the images of the functions going on in the area whether it is day or the night.


  • Outdoor Cameras

These cameras are specially designed for the outdoor purposes. They are preserved from dust, water, insect or any other matters. Outdoor cameras are just designed to be installed in the exteriors of the home or the office.

How to select best DSLR Camera

DSLR cameraThe trend has been set for the use of professional cameras like DSLR cameras. These are considered to be the best cameras with all the features included which professionals use for their minute and perfect picture and photo shoots. But now day normal people have also started using it, so the manufacturers have started launching the user friendly DSLRS for the users. In simple words we can say that the DSLRs have become the style Symbol for the user. No doubt there are many advant6ages of using the DSLR cameras but selecting a perfect and suitable camera for your and keeping in mind the personality of yours, you must opt such camera.

This article will help you to select the appropriate DSLR camera which will be suitable to you and your personality.

How to select DSLR camera

  • There are many choices in market which can give you a wide range of DSLR cameras from whom you can select the camera which is according to your needs. In simple words your real choice of selecting the DSLR camera.
  • The first thing which you guess at the time of purchasing a DSLR camera is its price because the DSLR cameras are more costly as compared to the normal and the regular cameras. The price factor is very important to be considered at the time of buying the DSLR cameras. You can find more affordable DSLR cameras which are available in the market.
  • The person must take into consideration the specifications like what is the criteria of lenses, the memory card compatibility, the filters, battery life of the cameras, etc which is important to be known before buying a DSLR camera.
  • It is important to know for what use you are taking or buying the new DSLR camera. Or is there any need to buy the camera? Well it totally depends upon what type of photography you want to capture. If you are thinking to take the DSLR for the general use than you can go for general cameras which are less costly and more affordable.
  • There are different structures and sizes are available in the market regarding if you are thinking of buying the new DSLR. If you are a professional photographer than you can go for the big and the better professional DSLR with all the benefits in it. But if you are thinking of buying it for only your use than you can take the small professional cameras which can be ease to port.
  • Well if you are buying a DSLR than you will be checking out for the resolution which is been provided by the DSLR. It is important to know the megapixels that after capturing the image it will give a good resolution or not. Many aspects are taken into consideration the time of buying the new DSLR for you. Because if you do not know the basic information and the details regarding your DSLR, it can be more difficult to understand the functioning and the effects of the camera you are purchasing.

Types of Cameras

types of camerasTalking about cameras, well we all love that topic to be discussed because we all are much fond of using and operating the cameras. But that much knowledge is enough for you? You don’t want to know more and different things regarding the topic of camera because there is much more which a person should know before using the cameras like the camera lens, the brand name of the company, the focusing effects, the battery life, the memory options, etc are some of the important points which a person should know before using it.

Well there is not a single type of camera available in the market but there are many choices for the user who can opt for any one of them. Practicality of the cameras is worked upon by the manufacturers of the cameras and then they are presented in the market to be used. Professional and the normal cameras are both differently manufactured with certain different features which make it more costly as compared to the normal cameras.

Further we will discuss about the types of cameras which are available in the market and this will help you to make the decision that which camera will be more suitable according to your needs.

Types of Cameras

  • Compact Cameras

In simple words they are most flexible types of cameras which can be functioned and operated by any person. Well it is very much handy; you just need to click the button of capture which is located on the top of the device and the rest work is done by the camera itself. It is very much operative and the user is not needed to follow the instruction which is provided by the manufacturer because it is just easy and simple to operate. Compact cameras are cheap and under the budget cameras as compared to the other cameras.


  • Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLR)

Well if we are talking about the DSLRs, than you need to be ready for the weight and the high cost of the camera. It is strictly made and manufactured taking into consideration the professional shoots which are done by the experts. But now days the choices of the people have took up with rise because they all want their pictures to be precise and perfect. This camera is heavy in weight and has different lens as compared to the compact cameras. While clicking the photos from the professional cameras, many things are taken into consideration like the angles, blurness, etc and what not.


  • Mirrorless Cameras

The concept of mirrorless cameras was put forward in the year 2008. The companies like Sony, Panasonic, etc have put their step to bring this type of cameras in the market. Well it is the combination of both the compact and the DSLRs cameras. This is comparatively light in weight than the DSLRs cameras. You can get the same result as that you get in the DSLRs. Mirrorless cameras are growing with a faster speed in the field of technology and it is being also accepted by the people who are wishing to use it as their needed cameras.   

Types of Camera Lenses

Camera LensesIf you are new in the world of photography then a vast range of camera lenses might seem to be a little daunting to you. Camera lenses are available in either in zoom s or focal length which generally covers a range of focal lengths. Various types of            lenses are separated and divided into categories. Here are some of the most popular and common camera lenses.

  • Wide angle

Wide angle lenses possess three classes- fisheye, wide and ultra wide. You can identify a fish eye lens by just looking at it as the front element of this type of lens bows outwards and it allows you to watch as wide as 180 degrees. It creates the circular effect in the image and hence it is called as a fish eye. It bends all straight lines around the center and hence gives an effect of fish eye. This lens is really advisable for some of the purposes but it is most of the time overused without any real purpose. These are good but still use it with caution.

While talking about an ultra-wide lens, its gives a focal length which is shorter than 20 mm. it is built up with the internal lenses which are made to correct the distortion of fish eye. Sometimes it is also called as aspherical.

Regular wide angle lens possess a focal length which is shorter than 35mm. it has a specialty of capturing wide scenes. It also has much wider depth of field. It has a good quality of capturing landscapes and tight interiors.

  • Normal lenses

A normal lens is just as its name suggest. It captures a portion which a human eye can capture. It has a focal length between 35mm to 50mm and it is the most basic prime lenses available in the market. It is very much advisable for the street            photography and travel as the images captured by this is same as we look from our eyes.

  • Telephoto lenses

Telephoto lenses are those lenses which offer a focal length which is beyond 50mm, even though they are more described as the lens beyond 100mm. The one which range in between 50mm to 100mm are referred to as portrait lenses. These lenses excel in getting portrait image and are primarily used for that only. Contrary to wide angle lens, telephoto lens contracts the depth of field allowing you to differentiate your subject from the background.

  • Prime lenses

A prime lens doesn’t have any zoom; it is just one and only one focal length. The lens is specifically designed to outlet this one length and it don’t need any of the moving piece needed to zoom. Because of their simple building, it can give output of larger apertures      and thus it is extremely useful for doing low light photography and indoor photography. If you have more preference for clear and crisp photographs then convenience then prime lenses are the best option you can go for.