Advantages of Using a Wireless Network

Wireless networkIn today’s time, many of the businesses use LAN technology for letting the employees share a common data source. It offers a common source through which communication between the devices of the employees is possible. But still there is a debate going as to whether businesses should deliver the LANs through wired connection or unwired connection. But now more and more companies are opting for the wireless rather than going for wired. The thing which bothers the people while having wireless connection is its security. It offers a good security but it doesn’t mean they cannot be hacked. Being open there are chances of it being hacked but it can be prevented with strong passwords and both software and hardware security solutions. Keeping this security aside, it has many of the advantages to offer. Here are some of them.

  • Increased mobility

The advantage which grabs the attraction for wireless network is its mobility. Most of the business prefer wireless network because of its mobility. Sitting in any corner of the office and accessing internet is really comfortable. When laptops were evolved their demand increased because of its mobility factor. You can roam anywhere within the range of wireless network and have your work done. You can also share the information within the premises with your colleagues.

  • Increased productivity

With a wireless network, you also get your productivity increased. It allows the employees to collaborate when and where they need. It speeds up the process of working and brings freedom in the operation. Along with that there is also a freedom that employees can take the work home and can work whenever they have time and convenience.

  • Public Wi-Fi hotspots

Wireless network is a great boon to public. With the availability of Wi-Fi hotspots facility at street coffee shop, railway station, airport, hotels, universities, hospitals etc it is very useful to public. They can do their work at any place. This helps the people to connect with the internet even when they are away from their home and office. People can get touch with each other from any place socially.

  • Scalability

One of the problems of internet is coping with the expansion of the wireless. To reroute the whole process, adding extra cables and wires can prove to be costly. Every company should plan for the future and install a wireless network. If you want to add new user to the Wi-Fi then it is very easy and speedy. You just need to change the password and then update the server accordingly. Usage of Wi-Fi is fast and relatively convenient.

  • Guest use

Having a Wi-Fi network also enables your guest to use the internet. They can access their mails and can carry on their work. If you have any business guest then also they can access the data and can share it with you. It can also be helpful in meetings and other business related work. Your suppliers and other people can also use the internet and can take benefit from it.