Types Of video Games

Video gamesVideo games are really enjoying and a source of fun. Not only kid’s even elder people are also very much enthusiastic for playing video games. These video games come in many types and give a variety of options for you to explore and take fun of. Many a times you get addicted to playing video games. The choice of games depends upon the age group you belong to. Once you get addicted to these video games you cannot stop playing these games. Here are different categories of video games. Basically there are eight types of video games. It depends upon you which type you like.

  • Action video games

Action games have huge amount of violence involved in it. This violence is due to its fast paced nature. This is the kind of game that most of the mature rated games fall under. These types of games are not proper for children to play. There are some games which are mild but they do contain themes which are suggestive. Action games are such which puts person against person or person against alien or any kind of animal to fight. Some of the examples include star wars or halo.

  • Adventure games and role playing games

These types of games are generally less graphic compared to action and contains an element of fantasy. Some of the times, role playing element is also combined and it also allows the element to say the dialogue. They as less violent as compared to action games but still these games do contain violence.

  • Arcade

These games can be anything. It can be starting from the street fighting games to the classic Pacman. This category of games takes into account the whole spectrum of rating. There are many older games which are turned into 3D.

  • Strategy

Strategy games are such which involves tactical movement of players or troops.               These games can be simple as chess or can also be warfare types. These games can be good for children’s to play but most of the times they are pretty much difficult for the children’s to play. Here is combat is slow and gives time for the thinking.

  • Simulation

Simulations games are usually aircraft simulations. You can fly a helicopter or jet. It contains nothing much than killing the enemies. Only in the rare cases they use excessive language.

  • Driving games

Driving games are usually of the racing types games. Some can also be mission based games. Players are usually offered an option to choose a car and they can get better and better cars with further play. Some of these games include project gotham racing and grand theft auto.

  • Puzzle

Puzzle games never got rating which is higher than E. it includes skills like deep thinking and good logics. The most common puzzle game is Tetris. There are many other which are like Tetris and it include color matching skills. There are many games which have aspects similar to that of puzzle but are not puzzle games.

How to use a Fax Machine

fax machineFax machine! Well this word is very old and the ancient thing in the field of technology. The invention of fax machine proved the humans intelligence and their up gradation to adopt new and different things which can increase the speed of work of the people. Fax machines are very much helpful for the people who are in the routine need of the equipment. Well, everyone knows that it is one of the oldest technologies but it is still has prevailed its grounds in the market of technology.

No doubt that it is old but it supplies with way far advantages which can be more helpful for the people using it in their daily routine. It is considered to be the fasted technology to transfer the data or the document from one place to another. You might find confusing to operate it but after understanding it properly, it is very easy and simple to work on the fax machine. This article will give you the clear idea about the steps which are required at the time of operating the fax machine by the user.


  • Firstly at the time of operating it, check that the fax machine is properly plugged it and is in a working condition. This will help to ascertain the exact situation of the operating of fax machine. It is advisable to check the telephone cord is properly connected and plugged in with the phone jack.
  • After checking the functioning of the fax machine, it is the time to insert the document which you want to send to the other person. With the help of the contact number of the other person, you can send the document easily to another person without going there and serving the document in his hands. Fax machines are considered to be the time saver technology which is been invented by the humans.
  • Now, insert the document in the fax tray and dial up the number of the person to whom you want to send the document. Well if you want to send the document outside the line than you need to press a specific number which is punched on the fax machine and then you can send it easily. The area or the country code is necessary to be punched in the fax machine at the time of sending the document to the person.
  • After doing these things, at the time when you want to send the document, you will have to wait for the next person to answer the call and after that you will hear a computer voice will appear and confirm the transaction. After completing the process when you will press start button, the fax machine will automatically send the document to the required person to whom you want to send the document.
  • You must take some points into consideration at the time of operating the fax machine that there must be more of the pages inserted at the fax tray so that the documents can easily travelled and complied with the work of getting the required document.


Benefits of using Professional Web Design

benefits of web designWell, if we are talking about website designing, than let me share one example to you. When a company’s CEO is going on in the meeting but his appearance is not like a professional, than no will take him seriously and think that he is the CEO of the respective company. But if he has dressed in proper manner, than he will be given the best importance. Similarly, designing a professional website page can be more useful and beneficial for the startup of any business.

According to my preference it is more beneficial for the businessmen to have a professional website of their page designed for attracting more of the customers towards their business which they have started. There are many benefits which are supplied when you are planning of having a professional website to be designed keeping in mind the objective of your business which you have started.

Benefits of Web Design

  • Opting and going for the web page to be designed, accompanies with many benefits like it can attract more of the customers to indulge and know your business if your front page of the website is more attractive and describing the objective of your company. And if you will be having a professional designed website than there are less chances that people will mislead the business and can easily trust upon your newly established business.
  • Trust is the main element which is considered at the time of designing a business or any other thing which is related to your business. It is the fact that the person will only invest in your business purchase your product if he or she is having the trust in your business and in you. As the saying prescribes that first impression is the last impression is the best suitable line for starting up the business.
  • With the help of professional web design you can be able to show to the people what you are good or the best at. By doing this people will come to know about your business and will also like to know more of it. The website which you have designed, you can also add some effects or the picture which you are best at. This will help you to excel yourself as well as your business. This thought is far more advisable to comply with because now days people do not like to just read the things which you have mentioned in your web page but with the help of fascinating designs and symbol it will be more graceful to the people who want to know more about your business.
  • If in the initial stage you have spend some of the more cost on designing the website of your business, than it is going to be beneficial to you because in the initial stage a pick up point is necessary to be installed in your business and with the help of professional website designer, your business can catch more eyes of the market and the people who are wishing to invest in your business.

Simple Tips to Increase Life of Your Phone’s Battery

BatteryHaving a poor battery is really irritating. It is really annoying to always plug in your phone for charging. Thus having a good battery and maintain its long life is really essential. For keeping up the health of your battery, properly charging your phone is very necessary. Proper charging doesn’t mean keeping your phone in charge as soon as you enter the home and keep it that way until the next morning when you leave the home. It is really important to get correct guidance on how to charge the phone. There are lots of floating advices on battery but here are some of the correct and much needed tips which help you enhancing the life of your battery. Follow these tips if you don’t want to see your phone always out of charge and running for charging before using it.

  • Don’t allow your phone to get overheat

While talking about the lithium-ion batteries, heat is considered to be the worst enemy of them. Most of the phone’s batteries use lithium-ion only. You should take care that you don’t place your phone at any place where it gets direct sunlight like on the dashboard of the car. If you are playing graphically intensive games, then while doing so make sure you don’t charge your phone as it will raise the temperature of your phone and it will harm your phone’s battery. The ideal temperature for charging should be between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

  • Don’t use your phone while charging

You should avoid using your phone when it is in charging. Using your phone while charging can prove to be quite damaging, it is called parasitic charging. Even if you are using for small things, it restrains the battery from getting charged to its full level and hence it can prove to be damaging the battery.

  • Don’t use a duplicate charger

A very very important tip is to use only the company’s charger. If your phone is enabling quick charging then you should specially avoid the any of the duplicate charger. Duplicate chargers charge your phone very speedily up to 70% but simultaneously it also damages the phone in the process if it is not optimized properly.  If you are making use of high current then specified then retention capacity of the battery gets reduced in the long run. Thus it is a strict no for using any of the third party chargers.

  • Don’t leave the phone for charging all night

When you are putting your phone for charge, you probably leave it whole night when you see it is not charged till 100%. For your knowledge it is not at all advisable to leave your phone like that. It is advisable to plug off your charger before you sleep even though it is not charged fully. It will increase the life of your battery if you be careful in this matter. However many research says that it doesn’t matter if you keep your phone overcharged but for avoiding the risk you must not do it.