Simple Tips to Increase Life of Your Phone’s Battery

BatteryHaving a poor battery is really irritating. It is really annoying to always plug in your phone for charging. Thus having a good battery and maintain its long life is really essential. For keeping up the health of your battery, properly charging your phone is very necessary. Proper charging doesn’t mean keeping your phone in charge as soon as you enter the home and keep it that way until the next morning when you leave the home. It is really important to get correct guidance on how to charge the phone. There are lots of floating advices on battery but here are some of the correct and much needed tips which help you enhancing the life of your battery. Follow these tips if you don’t want to see your phone always out of charge and running for charging before using it.

  • Don’t allow your phone to get overheat

While talking about the lithium-ion batteries, heat is considered to be the worst enemy of them. Most of the phone’s batteries use lithium-ion only. You should take care that you don’t place your phone at any place where it gets direct sunlight like on the dashboard of the car. If you are playing graphically intensive games, then while doing so make sure you don’t charge your phone as it will raise the temperature of your phone and it will harm your phone’s battery. The ideal temperature for charging should be between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

  • Don’t use your phone while charging

You should avoid using your phone when it is in charging. Using your phone while charging can prove to be quite damaging, it is called parasitic charging. Even if you are using for small things, it restrains the battery from getting charged to its full level and hence it can prove to be damaging the battery.

  • Don’t use a duplicate charger

A very very important tip is to use only the company’s charger. If your phone is enabling quick charging then you should specially avoid the any of the duplicate charger. Duplicate chargers charge your phone very speedily up to 70% but simultaneously it also damages the phone in the process if it is not optimized properly.  If you are making use of high current then specified then retention capacity of the battery gets reduced in the long run. Thus it is a strict no for using any of the third party chargers.

  • Don’t leave the phone for charging all night

When you are putting your phone for charge, you probably leave it whole night when you see it is not charged till 100%. For your knowledge it is not at all advisable to leave your phone like that. It is advisable to plug off your charger before you sleep even though it is not charged fully. It will increase the life of your battery if you be careful in this matter. However many research says that it doesn’t matter if you keep your phone overcharged but for avoiding the risk you must not do it.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Flatbed Scanners

Flatbed ScannerA flatbed scanner is such a device that enables to scan any document and after scanning, it converts into digital information what it had read. Flatbed scanners are not same as the other scanners. They are very different from others as flatbed scanners allows to just lay the document on the machine, close its lid and then scan both the sides of the document. This whole process happens just within the friction of seconds. There are many types of scanners but if you are interested in buying flatbed scanners then here are some of its pros and cons so you have perfect knowledge before buying it.


  • Quality

The biggest advantage which flatbed scanners have over other types of scanner is that the output generated by flatbed scanner is very qualitative. The quality that flatbed scanner give cannot be compared with any other type of scanner. Flatbed scanner can make digital representation of any document. The image appears to be lopsided if the paper used is that is crinkle. Other scanners are not so good because there are large amount of equipments stuffed in the small space. This makes the quality to get low. Flatbeds scanners are larger in size and thus it can take perfect snapshot of the document on both the sides without even moving the document.

  • Easy to use

The use of flatbed scanner is very easy especially for those who are new to it. The usage is very simple, you just need to place your document in the machine and close the top of it. After that the user need to turn on the scanner, adjust the setting according to your needs and then press the scan button on the scanner. It may seem to you that it is difficult to operate but it is not so it is really easy when compared to other type of scanners. This is proved by the fact that almost all the home offices have a flatbed scanner.


  • Space consumption

Flatbed scanners are very bulky and large. It is seen that flatbed scanner tend to occupy much of the space in the room. Flatbed scanner take such a huge space that you need to make extra space for other things on your desk. It usually takes up 2 square feet space of your desk. If you are not able to make space then wireless scanners are also available. You cannot place it wherever you want in the house and then enjoy the same features without covering your desk space.

  • Price

One of the major disadvantages of flatbed scanner is its price. It is quite expensive. Prices are falling for scanner as well as all electronic items but still if you want a decent flatbed scanner then you still have to pay hundred dollars more. You need to find a lot for a good flatbed scanner in a reasonable price. There are different models with different features so you can go for low range and grab a flatbed scanner accordingly.