Although a deep knowledge on the various sorts of internet service providers is not much essential, but it always helps if you know the basics. If you are aware of the various types and sorts of internet service providers, you can pick the best for yourself and hence ensure maximum satisfaction. Basically there are four different types of internet service providers, namely wireless internet service providers, DSL satellite providers, satellite internet service providers and finally cable satellite providers.

The first one i.e. the wireless internet service providers deal with wireless net connection or WiFi connection. This is a much faster variant and is much speedier than the regular dial up connections. As it is a completely wireless facility, you can use it anywhere and everywhere without fretting about wires. The second one is the digital subscriber line or DSL and uses the phone line to provide internet service to your computer. It is pretty speedy too and is quite popular across the globe.

The last type of internet service comes from the cable service providers. Here the television cable is used to provide you with internet connection. Almost 70 times speedier than regular dial up, it possibly is the best choice minus the wires. Now, that you are aware of the types of internet service providers, pick the one that suits your needs best.